Online game payments. It’s a new stage of crytocurrencies life?

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Hiazma games, company which develops marine online-shooter SeaСraft, recently announced that it started to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.


HG develops online-shooter SeaСraft and iOS-game Dominator. The games will be released in first half of 2014, and sales of early access will start in Steam on 30 January. The game received approval from Steam-community, where about 70 thousands gamers are waiting for its launch. About 15 thousands people registered on forum for taking part in beta-testing , which next step is planned on 18 December.


Shortly before, the company published a report, that any player can now purchase a game set for cryptocurrencies - increasingly popular way of making payments. HG says, that they did it to support development of modern technologies.

In the short explanation for our site, HG company representative said that the current solution due to a request from the users who are willing and able to use more actively cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Community of people using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies daily expanding and it needs a market where you can make payments without fear in honest transactions and legally. To facilitate these goals, the developers of SeaCraft are thinking about special bonuses for those players who will make the payment in cryptocurrencies.


Those willing to use the new method of payment undoubtedly exist, because even before the start of open testing several hundred sets of the game has been sold on 15 thousand dollars, and the game itself, overcoming many difficulties on the way to release, could become a competitor of marine online game by Wargaming. We hope that the company will be faithful to its promises even after the game release.


At the moment, anyone can buy the game sets for one of the four cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Novacoin, Terracoin.


And HG promises that this list may be extended, but not shortened. Why do they choose this list of currencies? Why it is not limited with only Bitcoin? Is it planned to hold micro-payments in cryptocurrencies and how they will receive funds? These and other questions will be sent to HG, and we will publish their response in further news.


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Source: http://investtalk.ru...ni-kriptovalyut

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