Artistic, Business, Medical, Political project: "Museum of Art named Elena Svirid"
Artistic, Business, Medical, Political project:

Artistic, Business, Medical, Political project: «Museum of Art named Elena Svirid»

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Имя: Elena Svirid

Тел.: +34 625907867
Cтоимость 50000000$
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    Artistic, Business, Medical, Political project: "Museum of Art named Elena Svirid" is looking sponsor and investor.

    Good morning.
    My name is Elena Svirid (
    I am a professional painter,creator of icons (iconography),politician, businessman.
    I do personal exhibitions in Madrid and other cities in Spain.
    My last exhibition:10-28 april 2019 in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid ( ).
    I am very proud to say that my paintings and works were selected from a very large number of applicants for this exhibition! Also, at this exhibition, I demonstrate my antique collection of very valuable silver objects that were used by Catholic priests during their service in Catholic churches.
    I was opening a cultural week in Majadahonda,Madrid(
    Spanish newspapers write about me( ; ; ; ; ; ;;; ;....)

    Currently, I have a great collection: 2000 icons and pictures. My icons and pictures have an artistic and spiritual value. My icons and pictures bring joy and happiness.
    I am also looking for a partners to organize a school of iconography named Elena Svirid and a workshop of iconography named Elena Svirid.

    I propose to you to consider and jointly implement a artistic project: "Museum of Art named Elena Svirid".

    Elena Svirid's artistic project is the organization of the Museum of Art.
    This is the only private collection of icons, pictures and other artistic treasures which will be officially transformed into a public Museum.
    The status of the Museum will be confirmed by its inclusion in the international organization ICOM (International Council of Museums, having the highest consultative status, category "A" in UNESCO and the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations).
    In the Museum every day and for all those interested, the thematic excursions will take place, the scientific advisers will work continuously, the conference room will operate. We will always be happy to see in our Museum all the visitors who love and appreciate the culture .
    The Museum will give you the opportunity to get to know the most diverse material: from the monuments of ancient Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine culture, works of Catholic and Orthodox art, to the rarest samples of Ethiopian Christian creativity.
    The Museum of Art named Elena Svirid will also present paintings and sculptures of famous and modern artists and sculptors.
    The Museum will carry out a variety of exhibition activities, speaking not only as a participant, but also as the organizer of a series of important exhibition projects. Each new exhibition will be accompanied by a serious scientific catalog with detailed descriptions of the monuments.
    The Museum will publish the complete catalog of the collections icons and pictures . In 2023 we will publish the first volume dedicated to the monuments of ancient, early Christian, Byzantine art from the III - XVII centuries.

    The Museum will begin producing annual calendars, illustrated with photographs of the best samples of the collection.
    The formation and expansion of the collections will be based on the principles inherent in the state repositories, the acquisition of monuments will be carried out on the basis of their exhaustive research by museum staff and leading experts in the field of iconography and art. Here all conditions for a true museum storage, exhibition, monument research and professional restoration will be created.
    The most important aspects of the Museum's activity will be scientific, expository and educational work, so a specialized library will be formed here.
    In the Museum there will be a collection of crucifixes, church utensils, clothes of priests. A collection called "Icons and Medicine" will tell about attempts to explain the miracles of Christ.

    In Museum, the real workshop of the icon painter will be recreated, which will clearly demonstrate the process of creating the icon. On the basis of the Museum, a school of iconography will be created.
    The priority idea of ​​the development of the Museum will be the desire to unite here and make accessible to show the private collections of icons and paintings, without violating the property rights of their owners. The Museum sees its tasks in the consolidation of collectors, scientists and all creative forces with the aim of preserving and multiplying the artistic heritage, saving the integrity of the meetings, implementing joint projects with museums of other countries.

    The educational activity of the Museum will be directed to study the history art and its role in development human society.
    The Museum will attract visitors of different ages and religions. The Museum of Art named Elena Svirid will give people joy from communicating with objects of art. This is our main goal and our main task.
    And if all these intentions are achieved, the new Museum can become the world's largest gathering of private collections of iconos and pictures, accessible to the broadest circle of viewers.

    To implement this project, I am looking for sponsors and investors.
    Sponsors and investors can be individuals and legal entities (firms, funds, companies ...)
    I believe that the creation of the Museum of Art named Elena Svirid will bring great economic benefits for investors and businessmen.
    For example - development domestic and international tourism will provide an opportunity to earn very large sums of money very quickly to all interested parties.
    The development of tourism and the creation of new jobs will bring enormous economic and political benefits to the city ​ and state in whose territory this project will be implemented.
    This is very relevant now.

    For these purposes, it is necessary to create a modern and high-tech tourist-medical-business complex:
    1. Museum of Art named Elena Svirid.
    2. Center Medicine VEONICA(alternative medicine:; ....).
    3. Diamond Exchange.
    4. Hotels five, six, seven stars.

    With best regards Elena Svirid
    Madrid. Spain.
    Tel/WhatsApp:+ 34 625907867

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    Tel / WhatsApp: +34 625907867

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