Ваканционний комплекс-гори и море
Ваканционний комплекс-гори и море

Ваканционний комплекс-гори и море

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Имя: Марин Маринов

Тел.: +359 895 557 507
Cтоимость 6485000$
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    Покупка земли-46 212 кв.м.Строеж ваканционного апаеркомплекса/4 звезди/-гостиница/4звездочная/с СПА центром,рестораном,
    The idea is for a Hotel and Spa / 4 stars / of 115-125 residential premises for hotel business and 25 more homes / apartments / houses for sale for private owners on self-catering basis.
    The hotel part also includes restaurant / 150-190 seats /, lobby bar / 40-60 seats /, pool bar, shop, winery, flexible conference block. An outdoor a-la-carte restaurant in a separate building / 50-70 seats /
    The Spa center has a fitness center and a covered pool, sauna, massage rooms, Turkish bath, ice – room, aromatherapy room, cabinets for prophylactic and recreation procedures. The idea for the SPA center is to be a unique product – all the therapists, used for the massages products and retail products to be from Indonesia or the Philippines.
    Outdoor swimming pool with kids section, playing grounds with mixed use (basketball, volleyball, football), tennis courts, recreation park, kids area with playing grounds, small mixed-usage amphitheater - for animation, performances, competitions, organization of events such as weddings and outdoor teambuilding.
    As process duration and stages we consider the following scheme :
    1.Registration of the Company Ltd - 10-14 working days .
    2.Purchase of land and documentation on property registration – 14-20 working days.
    3.Preparation of documents, creation of a project, legalization of construction / permits and licenses / - 1-4 months.
    4.Fase construction and equipment -18-20 months.
    5. State authorization / license / for operation of the hotel – 0.5-1 months.
    The deadlines are in accordance with the Laws and Regulations in Bulgaria and in accordance with the Normative Documents.
    The idea is for the hotel to work all year round, attracting clients with mountain, eco and historical tourism, organizing various forms of tourist services throughout the year (hunting and fishing tourism), conferences and congresses, camps and training of athletes, etc.
    From the sales of the homes / apartments / houses for the private owners / 700-1100 EUR per sq.m / - at an average price of 900 EUR per 1 sq.m, the prognosis sales amount accumulated is about 1 530 000 euro for a total area of 1700 sq.m built and sold living area. To this should be added the amounts of the Maintenance Fee paid by the owners of the premises in favor of the Management Company, which is due on an annual basis. Not to mention all the additional services and products that will be offered and sold the property owners.
    Once again, the information I give is a prognosis, but I think that for 6 or for at most 8 years, the investment should be paid off and profitable.
    The table does not include advertising funds and expenses. This is the solution of the investor.
    The cost table gives the macro investment forecast frame of the project and it is not broken at individual points.

  • Дата начала проекта
    4 квартал 2018-1 квартал 2019
  • Дата конца проекта
    м.май 2020
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    Учаток земли 46 212 кв.м.,в 11 км от пляжа,в горная местност.

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    Марин Маринов mimlg61@gmail.com +359 895 557 507 Wiber +359 893 701 651

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